Global events have an inevitable impact on M&A activity, but, with so much capital in the markets, we do anticipate the ‘boom’ is unlikely to slow down any time soon,” says Maurits Hesseling, Board Member of Translink International and Managing Partner of Translink Benelux. In times of major upheaval like a global pandemic or war, his greatest advice to business owners is to analyse their businesses to identify prospective threats and weaknesses.


Five decades ago, Dr Roland Schucht started a mid-market corporate financial advisory services firm. His aim from day one was to grow and go global. Thus, in 1972, Translink had its humble beginnings. From inception, it was one of the first ‘small-to-mid-cap’ M&A firms to go cross-border. This pioneering spirit has continued to be a guiding star, along with a long-standing commitment to sharing – investments and expertise. That’s led Translink to be the world-leading, global group it is today, 50 years on. 


50 years ago, in 1972, the great Watergate scandal kicked off in the US, chess maverick Bobby Fischer beat Russian grandmaster Boris Spassky, and Dr Roland Schucht founded a small Swiss cross-border M&A firm he named Translink Corporate Finance. Five decades on and Dr Schucht’s dream has grown into a truly global organisation that can proudly count itself as one of the leading firms in its class.