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According to Oghma Partners’ tracking of deal activity in the UK food and beverages sector, the total value of mergers and acquisition (M&A) transactions in that market fell from approximately 4 billion GBP in 2019 to around 2 billion GBP in 2023. Stefan Kirk, Partner at Translink Corporate Finance Poland, says such findings reflect the turbulent rollercoaster ride Europe’s food and beverage mergers and acquisitions (M&A) industry has been on since 2020.


Translink Corporate Finance recently held its first Directors’ Meeting for 2024 in Paris, the economic epicentre of Europe. The three-day event brought together over 120 Translink experts from 20 countries across six regions, showcasing the group’s extensive international footprint and commitment to fostering cross-border M&A opportunities.


April 04, 2024

Energy and Environment M&A is an investment in a sustainable future

Companies in virtually every industry face increasing regulatory and public pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Because this shift often entails transforming business operations, consolidations, investment, and corporate developments, recent  mergers and acquisitions (M&A) findings revealed a 300% increase in environmental sustainability deals in 2023 compared to 2022.

Considering the pressing need for environmental preservation, this trend is not surprising. Furthermore, these industry developments create an opportunity for specialised mid-market corporate financial advisory services like ours to address the gaps in the Energy and Environment M&A segment in response to the shifting mergers and acquisitions landscape.

This decision to concentrate on energy and utilities, cleantech, agri-tech, and other industries, characterised by innovative and greener processes, aligns with our global efforts to mitigate climate change and promote sustainability.

This focus is not new because Energy and Environment are already one of Translink CF’s primary focus areas. We have engaged in the Energy and Environment sectors for some time as part of our progressive commitment. We have recognised the potential in this sector, which is evident in our participation in several deals within the green- and climate-tech space.

There is a pressing need to provide M&A advisory and fundraising assistance, interacting daily with leading players, impact funds, corporate ventures, entrepreneurs, and their ecosystems, because of the growing opportunities and an increasing trend of corporates investing their budgets and strategic developments in this sector.

An expert on a flourishing sector

In the past, companies like Google and Uber were the buzz of the business world. Today, the spotlight has shifted towards companies prioritising Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations. Companies are now required to consider the threefold impact of their operations: on the environment, on society, and in terms of their governance. Companies that do not comply with these standards risk reputational damage and financial losses.

ESG factors play an increasingly crucial role in shaping the M&A landscape, with the shift in consumption habits, heightened awareness of environmental footprints, and a rise in ESG-conscious companies creating a new pool of investment opportunities.

With this increased focus on Energy and Environment M&A, Translink CF can make even more significant contributions to this emerging sector, driven by a new generation of startups and SMEs providing sound environmental solutions that are financially attractive.

As a well-established player in corporate finance with a clear vision of the future, we are committed to supporting companies as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the Energy and Environment sector. Our new dedicated industry group will provide expert advice and support, underlining our commitment to driving a positive impact on the planet while ensuring profitability for shareholders.


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Translink Corporate Finance is delighted to announce the appointment of Leandro Rosado as Chief Operations Officer (COO) to the global group. Leandro brings a wealth of deep experience and expertise to Translink CF, with a background in finance, tech, and entertainment.


Translink Corporate Finance is proud to present its Translink Corporate Finance IT Services Index for Q1 of 2024, looking at listed valuations across three dynamic IT subsectors. Following the Covid-19 boom correction, listed valuations have settled and moved into a phase of upward momentum.


In a tough financial year, Translink Corporate Finance, a world leader in mid-market corporate financial advisory services, continued its global expansion. Covering more than 35 countries on six continents, the global group sealed a strategic alliance with SMC Capitals in India, and its European coverage grew following the addition of Landpoint Corporate Finance in Berlin, to Translink Germany.


Translink Benelux B.V. (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) is proud to announce its merger with corporate finance boutique AenF (Acquisition and Finance) Partners B.V.


Investment from Germany to India has grown since 2021, making Germany the seventh largest direct investor.


With a rich legacy spanning over five decades, Translink Corporate Finance has established itself as a globally trusted leader in the mid-market.


A striking mergers and acquisitions (M&A) trend is set to gain momentum in 2024 – driven by the escalating cost of debt. Companies are looking to bolster their equity positions as a strategic response to the burden of high debt costs, according to Translink Corporate Finance’s ‘2024 Megatrends Report’.