Corporations will intensify their focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and technological integration in 2024, deeming them indispensable for success, according to Translink Corporate Finance’s ‘2024 Megatrends Report’.


Cross-border deals are likely to be the first to recover in 2024, once inflation stabilises and the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market rebounds, according to Translink Corporate Finance’s ‘2024 Megatrends Report’.


The middle-market is tipped to be the principal driver for dealmaking in the coming year, according to Translink Corporate Finance’s ‘2024 Megatrends Report’. Featuring insights from Translink partners from around the world, the report identifies six top trends that will shape the M&A landscape in 2024 and beyond.


With deep expertise in the SaaS sector, Translink Corporate Finance has helped many SaaS entrepreneurs across the globe to fund their expansion, sell their business or even acquire news ones.


Cross-border merger and acquisition (M&A) dealmaking continues to gain traction, with India representing a compelling investment opportunity for German companies. The country recorded 194 deals in Q1 2023, at an aggregate deal value of US$19.6 billion, driven by a unique combination of market size, market potential, and talent pool.


Translink’s recent bi-annual Directors Meeting took place in Dublin, Ireland last month and was attended by more than 100 partners and sector experts.


Reuters recently reported that global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity shrank to a decade-level low in Q1 2023, with high inflation, astronomical interest rates and recession rumours stalling deals.


In the healthcare sector, renowned for its resilience and appeal to astute investors, a distinctive shift is underway. Investment funds have assumed a prominent role in M&A activities, fostering R&D projects and catalysing innovation in medical devices.


India’s rapidly expanding economies and demographic advantages make it a global hub for innovation and growth, boasting countless merger and acquisition (M&A) deal opportunities across various sectors. Nonetheless, navigating the country’s diverse cultures and regulatory complexities can be daunting for investors.


Translink Corporate Finance Germany is pleased to announce its expansion to include a seasoned team and office in the country’s capital, Berlin. The expansion is the result of Landpoint Corporate Finance joining Translink as of September 2023. Founded by partners Tillmann Bronner and Christian Fest, Landpoint has closed more than 50 transactions.