Energy &

The Energy and Environment sector encompasses a wide range of players, from large multi-nationals to innovative start-ups, through to SMEs and diversified mid-size groups. In a rapidly evolving market, driven by an increased awareness of their environmental impact by consumers, employees, customers and the public at large, most companies now commit themselves to strong ESG, and specifically carbon-neutral, policies. This is taking place both through voluntary action and in response to an ever more stringent regulatory environment. This has led to strong requirements for support with investment, corporate development and market consolidation.

Translink CF’s Energy and Environment industry group supports clients active at all stages of the value chain, from production and industry to retail and professional services. Our group of M&A experts allow managers, entrepreneurs and shareholders to better understand the evolution of their ecosystem, the transition to new technologies and usages, and the changes in value creation across the various industries sub-segments.

In this ever-evolving market, our hands-on support to clients ranges from fundraising and buy-side strategy to company sale, divestments and LBOs..